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ooo ads ... woocommerce is ideal for small businesses . opencart when higher. moreover you need magento . hea is the best platform shopify, but it requires money .


ecommerce plugin for wordpress. first of all: hakettin, if your products appear alongside the categories on the home page of your store, you don't need to install and remove thousands of plugins or search for codes. fuck this msn friend, while adding the product to the site on the panel; the catalog has created a section called visibility. make it hidden, get rid of it. i searched, you don't. i spent 2 days and fuck your science. dishonourable


e-commerce infrastructure that you should not expect performance in shared hosting.


a plugin that transforms wordpress into an e-commerce platform and has the language support. it is quite extensive and additional modules are constantly being developed. but many of the additional modules are paid. [http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/ http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/]


if you have good wordpress knowledge and you know how to meet the requirements and solve the problems by going through which logic stages, e-commerce infrastructure that will do all your work. you should definitely ignore those who recommend ticimax. moreover, it is a product that i absolutely stay away from at those prices.


plugin that should not be used by those who do not know the job. if you are not an expert software developer, what are you doing with woocommerce or something? let go of the oriental cunning. he was going to build a site for himself for free. is this an excel spreadsheet? if you are going to give money, give it to a competent developer, not those boring ready-made e-commerce packages, and let him do the woocommerce installations and maintenance for you. then you come here and there and vilify woocommerce, it's funny. if you don't know, don't have any idea.

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