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nothing happens when amazons shoot 3 arrows, auuu when black murat shoots. this is the brief summary.


(bkz: superwife)


movie whose trailer i like. also the comments below are horrendous; " from a historical point of view, we germans had to fight against indiana jones, captain america, wonder woman, james bond, superman, and the shield. did i miss anyone? no wonder we lost!?" ahahah so good ya.


--- spoiler --- we can't make domestic cars in 2017, but we made weapons for the germans in 1918. --- spoilers ---


it is a film that reveals the minds who criticize the comic book adaptation film for not having historical reality. 300 wasn't real, was it? let me guess, captain america didn't really help the americans win world war ii, did it? or the comedian didn't fight in vietnam as described in the watchmen, did he? maybe even superman isn't real, who knows?


amazons really existed in history and their place of residence is anatolia. yes, this is the land. maybe everyone thinks of the aegean coast first, but the amazons lived on the black sea coast, on the sides of samsun. in short, the wonder woman is from samsun.


it was the first movie in which dc superheroes took part alone. i'm throwing away all the dc movies that were shot before, i'll just talk about dceu: what's going on with 2013's man of steel amk?


the movie that writers who think wonder woman is a marvel character try to analyze for a long time :)