with war earrings

with war earrings

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the male version of bundle sener. look at the photos they shared, add a wig to this evening dress. if you don't think it's her sister, i'm a jerk.


the person whose news i saw today. while i was reacting and stretched because i played against it and swung two three-pointers on it, i was furious when the national basketball player was mentioned, i think it is used for its relationship with the bunch, because i have never seen it even in youth team matches. i also know well because i always sit as a substitute. since my hand did not touch the ball in any international match, my national career was spent joking.


he owns websites such as sonkulis.com and altiokhaber.com that report on chp gossip. kahnak whois


he couldn't write on linkedin himself, but he was a graduate of the capital university. isn't it worse not to write a war? will charisma be drawn or *


he is married to demet Şener.


demet Şener's new girlfriend is a former national basketball player, born in 1985. it means that bunch of ladies like basketball players.


according to the news i read today, he bought a house worth 12 million tl. i added, subtracted, divided, multiplied, i couldn't understand how he earned this money. i think it's fake pr news and he's trying to play socialite.


witnesses at her wedding -my acquaintances-lale cander and beyhan donation, that is, the wife of sovereign donation. though mrs. beyhan exaggerated the filling on her face, but she is still recognized.