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new server of vibio.


i'm just going to bury it, especially for the nonsense at the end of these videos, but the white holy grail in the new season promotional video comes to my mind and i start positive discrimination against women! but if that wig and glasses bullshit continues, i'll be unsubscribing.


vibio server with terrible diction. he really took me away with the sayings of "value" and "aleynaag".


yilmaz vural has been transferred to video site channel


the girl standing next to him on yilmaz vural's channel. it is so bad that they put the woman next to yilmaz teacher, who does not understand a whit about football, just because she is beautiful. he's also talking to each other, interrupting the man's words and stuff. you say it's your own channel amk. whatever his immediate interest is, he should turn to the videos on that subject. let our teacher please.