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the program that took my computer by the rope. since the update was incomplete while i was updating windows (i think it was a piracy), the computer was bullshit and also its license was revoked. neither did licensing. although i do not believe it, i installed this program and scanned it, as i saw on a site. then when i reset it, what's that? my computer is back to how it was. it's 4mb in size, but it works great.


the program i use because of an error in my fonts. 126 of a total of 1900 errors on my computer were related to font registrations. since the free trial version has a solving limit of 25 errors, i solved my problem with fonts by installing and uninstalling the program 6 times, but now my mind is stuck with other problems. since i can't install and uninstall the program 100 times, i started looking for alternative ways.


a program that offers a money-back guarantee if you don't like it. they refunded my money, albeit a little late. if you say program, it didn't work for me.

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