wings of icarus

wings of icarus

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the author is kürşat başdemir. although it is a good subject, there are many disconnections. periodically adding too many names and details makes it difficult to read


(see: icarus), (see: icarus)


(bkz: the wings of the cacus)*


the mythological wonder of technology, gadget*, which i've been waiting eagerly for when it will be installed on the old-fashioned buses of the istanbul municipality. these icarus are blessed like a donkey. also, it is not true that icarus was sunburned. he constantly crashed to the ground, and in memory of the event, he was given the name of waxman by a goose grandfather, a few years later. (see: fairy tale matitas) (see: gooseberries and greek mythology)


the wings of icarus are the things that millions of istanbulites come under every morning. (see: iett) (see: ikarus) we are flying blessed. these buses don't stop like they're 30 years old. in fact, they never stop. they don't stop. they go but they don't stop.


run fast hero icarus your day smiley wins if you want hide it if you want life always in miracles a little kiss on your waxwing (see calm)


these are made of wax, as they get closer to the sun, the icarus melt away. then (see: fall of icarus)


icarus-messenger goddess, messenger of the gods-wings.

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