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a person who passed away exactly ten years ago today. “i am a social ledge that will vomit by writing until i die, tell trips to anyone who understands, even get a flower tattoo on my nose if i have money, will delay my suicide in spite of the enemy, take up space in space, prove that i owe my insanity to my genes, not heroin.”


an interview about him that i found by chance:…tapkurdu/kanatguner-ek.asp ....... -"did you bother to bother?" +"yes. "oh my god, where is he?" when my sister wasn't home, "my god, where is he?" when my sister came home, the panic "my god is here again!" i didn't want it to be anywhere. i wanted it to be someone else. maybe i couldn't help because i couldn't accept wing like that." ...... left without love, which i think is the most difficult thing in the world.


the person who has a book called the heroin diary (diary) who died of heroin.. the person who is the subject of a mor ve Ötesi* song who begs to save me but can't get rid of it, telling how he started heroin on tv channels for a while before he died and how families will protect their children..


was taking him to taksim while hitchhiking in kadıköy with a friend. i do not recognize. bland, but on the other hand, he had a sad mood. at one point, he showed his friend the current magazine on the back window of the car in front and said, "they introduced my book in this week's current". i asked about the title of his book and he skipped it. then i read that week's current news first and then the book. i realized that, with great curiosity and courage, he jumped right into the middle of what we were all wandering around the coastal corners in those years...


opinion leader. he says, "we drink bottled beer, we take off the labels", i think every bottle of beer i drink and i take off the labels asks for mercy.. i send the radiant of mercy to his glory.. likewise, we laugh when i think of my tears...


"when i was little, i used to dream that i was actually a princess, that my king father played a big trick on me to raise me well, that everyone around me was an actor, everything was a decor, that they made me experience these ridiculous things because they thought that if i grew up like an ordinary person, i would be a smarter princess. , still no one has come and taken me to my palace."