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wilson principles

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principles that i don't understand why they are so exaggerated. i mean, it is strange how 14 nonsense items have remained in the nation's memory until now, why an insignificant statement that should have been forgotten in history is still not forgotten. in other words, these articles, which have not been able to shape history, neither contain such an interesting strategic interest, nor have they given direction to american foreign policy. something like one of trump's tweets.


it is an important thing.. (see revolution history) (see: wilson nails) (see: Öss)*


halide and adıvar adopted these principles and even caused a rift with mustafa kemal atatürk. it caused halide and adıvar to be adopted as a traitor by some circles and even to leave the country.


these are the principles that have not found much resonance with the europeans. it is even rumored that a foreign diplomat said "even god has 10 orders, while wilson has 14".


there are fourteen principles and these principles did not please the french prime minister georges clemenceau, who represented france at the paris peace conference. determined to make germany pay a price, clemenceau said "i don't like these at all, why are there fourteen commandments, even god has ten" for wilson's humanist principles.