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it's a slapstick book, kind of a game changer. it takes time to come to your senses after reading it. must read in your 20s. don't be late.


wild, the devil says a girl from the village of red, "brother, you will actually live in the village" and so on. it is a slap in the face of the city dwellers who romanticize the village life with words. he tells throughout his lines that the anatolian sheep and villagers are not at all what they think. especially i do not say that karaosmanoğlu tells, because according to him, the wild has now regained its own identity like the works of horatius and has become independent of the author. it also serves as evidence of how the ottoman empire neglected anatolia.


one of the most important novels of 20th century the literature. "wild" is the name given to the officer by the villagers.


it is a novel that very well describes the differences between istanbul-anatolia, the intelligentsia-people, such as the interpretation of life and the purpose of living. although it was written many years ago, it is useful to read this book in order to better understand the differences between the various parts of the country today, it tries to show the view of the anatolian people on the state thought; it is beautiful.


- i'll slap you so hard you think you're the governor of the slap.


also, if i'm not mistaken, yakup kadri first designed the novel in the face of the devastation he saw during a trip he went as a government official after the war. considering the perfection of the characters in the novel and the fiction of the novel (crazy, dark man, scared girl, mother, brother, falling in love, aghas, clergy etc...), yakup kadri has worked very meticulously to convey his message and produced a world classic quality. it can be said that it has given work.