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it is quite normal nowadays. divorces increased. if a man is separated from his wife and widowed, know that the problem is usually the man. but if a woman is a widow, she is a woman who knows what she wants on her feet, and she said profit from wherever the damage is done. she is also more characterful than her fellow women who cling to the man she finds and play the happy family!


(bkz: muazzez lady's lover) (see peyami safa)


wow, look at the comments. struggling for life alone without relying on someone, self-sufficient in every sense, even willing to be considered as an element of social pressure and sex as in the previous comment. to see an individual with a free mind and a free conscience as a sex toy. no, he will never be one of us because of this suppressed sexual life. second class in the word easy.


a woman who is known by everyone to be a woman, not a girl, because she is a widow, but also makes the mouths of hermits because she is single, but many of them are honorable.


look, this woman is also featured on the poster. the sultan of the net is divorced. is this headline news?


i am in favor of not using this term, i consider this phrase an insult. life is difficult for him in every sense, but my god, don't be intimidated. resist women (my man)