who is the killer

who is the killer

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it is one of the first questions to be asked if there is an event that is likely to be a murder. someone illegally built an apartment, someone enacted an amnesty law, and someone gave a license to it. the building collapsed in the earthquake. i didn't know. (see: who is the murderer.) (see: 17 august 1999)


it was one of the delicious games of the summer nights, but the victims as well as the murderer and the police had to be good actors. players who were supposed to die within 3 seconds after the killer winked at him should have caught the killer, turned their heads in other directions and tried to die without revealing the location of the killer. the saddest thing was that the killer winked at the police and got busted for his first murder.


it's a game played with cards on the table. there is ms. flame among the suspects, she always comes out as the murderer for some reason. although i didn't know how to read or write while i was playing it, i guess my brother was pooping.


similar game is played in the form of theft, in which the game starts by writing the thief instead of the murderer on the drawings. the thief takes a piece of material from the common living area during the day and hides it somewhere. after finding out what's missing, it's the police uncle's duty to find the thief, this time too. this is a bit more difficult, when it is not played by people who are competent in the subject, it is possible not to find coffee to drink, keyboard to enter entry or cutlery / cutlery during the day. (bkz: it can be very dangerous in bad hands)


(see: killer)


the name of the the translation of agatha christie's first novel.