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"i should name my child an eccentric, rambunctious, unknown, unused name" is one of the names preferred by his parents. i was so curious that i looked up the meaning of it, "angel who heralds heaven". i'd be surprised if these caterpillar names weren't written in arabic/persian/Quran anyway.


one of the new generation scary names


it is a name strong enough to dethrone aleyna and ecrin if it gets worse. i get goosebumps every time i hear it. pity that kid.


you should not put such nonsense names and crush the child under that name just because it sounds good. bğlem, ecrin, aleyna, ceylin... do we have to call every nonsense name, this in heaven, this in heaven.


go away, for god's sake, what a name. shame on that baby.. if you give proper names zeynep, ayşe, elif or something simple, meaningful, on behalf of which folk songs and poems are written


i think it is the fashion name of this year. god, please don't let my child's best friend be steam or something. (see: buguseptil)


it is a name made up by the parents, who get strange because of the worry that it will not be the same, and that makes you want to gag during its pronunciation. if he has a sibling, they name him burke.. (see var)


(see: sikimsonic names given to children by religious people)