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american deathcore band that messed up with our endless war albums that can be taught in schools. even though i find it strange that phil bozeman didn't use the vocal style i'm used to on the first listen, it didn't take long for him to remind me that he is the strongest vocalist of this style when i listen to the album over and over again.


it is famous for its bell foundry. the foundry was built in 1570. the freedom bell, which was sent to america in 1752, and the clock tower bell of st paul's cathedral, which was built in 1709, were made here. westminster's big clock known as 'big ben' is also the most famous clock bell made in whitechapel.


american band whose albums tagged our endless war 2014 were successful.


a group that is perfect for smashing items called possession. on the same track, from 1:30 on, the vocalist starts shouting "come helee come hele geeeel".


the group that made the shit out of brutal vocals. otherwise they would have been much more successful. if you listen to messiahbolical you'll understand what i'm talking about.


area of east london that looks like it will declare sharia soon.


london region where today more indians, pakistanis and bangladeshi immigrants live.


english series that i want to watch. i watched the first two or three episodes of season 1, but as said above, the subtitle translation is very, very bad, and the accent is difficult for me, so i stopped watching. now i decided to watch it again but i can't find it anywhere. in one place, there is a section, in another place there are two sections and most of the links do not open. if anyone knows of a site that can be followed easily one after the other and turns my message button green, i would be very happy. wow.

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