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the new series from the producers of the inbetweeners has landed on netflix. the supporting roles include joe thomas, who you may remember from the tv series fresh meat and inbetweeners, and james buckley, his co-star in the inbetweeners. and starring ed westwick from gossip girl. i haven't started watching the show yet, but joe thomas definitely promises to be a laughing stock. those who have not watched fresh meat and the inbetweeners serials are missing a lot, you should watch these serials as well.


just like that, it's an interesting series that makes you think, oh, i wonder if i found a super series. i can't say it's bad, i guess it's not bad.


the series about pimapen sales. yes, the guys made a series of ten numbers on a subject that cannot be serialized in life. a very entertaining period series.


a quality series, the first season of which consists of 6 episodes.


(bkz: i didn't laugh)


it's the amazing thing we've been waiting for the second season of.


the rocky british comedy that landed on netflix. as if that wasn't enough, it's also a period drama. i recommend not to be missed.


series with good intentions and exploded in practice. the 80s, the setting, the music, the english humor, the comedy-appropriate crew and the story are all ok but something is missing. the series that wanted to be but could not be. i watched one of the sexiest things in the world, ed westwick, and his aphrodisiac british accent, but i had hives from boredom. i wouldn't even have seen the second episode if it weren't for the sake of ed, ed's voice, ed's accent, and ed's eyes. it says unfortunately it didn't happen, i'm on my way to other english serials that i haven't watched yet.