homo naledi

homo naledi

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- little in the palms, fingers long and curved (but still smaller than ours). this shows that they climbed. but it is different from the species climbing trees.
- his legs are longer than his body, but his feet look a lot like ours.
- height is around 1.5m, weight is 45 kilos, body is small relatively
- their shoulders can rotate more than ours, and they are associated with climbing.
- walking long distances (relative to people)


in 2015, homo naledi, who was found in a cave near johannesburg in south africa, excited the world of science. a new kind of people. according to paleoanthropologist prof. lee berger, it can fundamentally change theories about the origins of people.


trivia: fossils have emerged by chance as in many major discoveries. a geologist and his companions walked through the cave system and came upon a part and showed the fossil to berger. he also called the national geographic and started working.