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what to do when buying a bed

even if you are all alone, buy a double one.
after all, it is a design that we call the future.


what to do when buying a bed

definitely stay away from too soft beds. i would be more comfortable lying on the carpet. those who want to wake up every morning with lower back pain can do that..

what to do when buying a bed

-if you are considering a visco bed, research it thoroughly and make sure you want visco.

- collapse, deformation etc. choose miracoil spring mattresses over pocket spring mattresses. miracoil spring models may be a little stiffer, so models with self-sleep pad may be more suitable for comfort.

stay away from mattresses that are too hard or too soft, especially for your height and weight. if you are deeply buried in the bed, it is soft for you, if you are never buried it is hard for you. try to find the middle. if your mattress is too hard or too soft for you, you will be uncomfortable and even cause health problems.

- waist problem etc. if available, firm-medium or firm full orthopedic mattresses may be better for you. soft class mattresses cause problems especially for people with back problems.


what to do when buying a bed

bed prices are one of a thousand proofs that we are in a miserable state as consumers in this country.