what menthol smokers are doing now

what menthol smokers are doing now

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well, i'm having breakfast. then i'll drink coffee.


smokes 1 city switch a month a year, i was shocked to hear this, what would you say with a menthol cigarette lan


i'm looking for old package city switch all over the place. there are places that still exist. there are also 5 packages at home. i will probably quit smoking after 1 month... this is the last situation.


the problem i solved by pouring peppermint oil from herbalists on tobacco swh


the answer is very obvious and very painful. drinking shit. it tastes like shit, but it's not clear what it is. my city switches, which i bought from duty free, were finished the day before. i'm at the age.


before we light the cigarette, we rinse our mouth with a menthol mouthwash and ignite the cigarette. same effect, same taste. without menthol we are not us.


menthol smokers are more angry than eyt ones right now. whoever i see spits fire.


"don't get me wrong bro, i'm not a beggar, i'm a business owner, i just want 1 carton of cigarettes from you, brother." they say. i'm officially asking them for cigarettes before alcohol. by the way, straight cigarettes are a complete doom for a long time menthol drinker. decreased from half a pack a day to 3-4 a day. the guys have officially achieved their goal.