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in one of its scenes, i sifted through the hall, what do we become when i hear the song i sift through the movie.


the movie will be released on february 8, 2019. red band trailer


2019 adam shankman movie. it's a pretty fun movie. they also played folk songs in the background on the psychic stage. they also sprinkled romance in between without draining it. oh la la! my list of the best romantic movies watched: (see #122389518)


it is a sequel to what women want, which was released in 2000. desired to be conveyed to the audience in the film; are the elements of trust and loyalty in bilateral relations. we can say that it has a romantic comedy taste and that it contains sports elements, making the movie fun and increasing its watchability.


the question that every man in the world agrees on..


the movie is a remake of what women want. taraji p. henson is the lead actor of the movie. adam shankman is the director of the movie. fragment


the definitive sequel to what women want. you're just like: sigmund freud... analyze this - analyze that


6/10 movie i watched on vacation. taraji p. when i saw henson and when it was a sports-themed romantic comedy, i instantly jumped. although it can't go beyond a cliché, it tells the difficulties of being a woman in a male-dominated industry and seeing familiar faces from the nba such as shaq, marc cuban, karl anthony towns, adam silver are the pluses of the movie. erykah badu also plays the fortune teller lol. the guy to be drafted and his dad are the full ball family ajsdhshdhshdhdj. tracy morgan played the lavar ball you know.