what happened to monday

what happened to monday

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--- spoiler --- (see: monday syndrome) --- spoiler ---


i don't understand why the viewer jumped in the middle and screamed when the images of the children appeared in the movie --- spoiler --- the movie that i heard in the once in a while and compared some of its buildings to istanbul. i wish he had said montage, dubbing or something. --- spoilers ---


--- spoiler --- a movie that features a villain who is poured boiling water on his face and then an iron is broken on his head. so how did this man die? he was kicked and crashed into the rapidly opening refrigerator door and fell on the knife he was holding in his hand. another


is it so hard to change the name of this movie to see what happened to monday and put it on the screen? they translated it as the seventh life. men think so much and come up with names, ours don't, the seventh life is better. god damn who the fuck fucked monday? would be closer.


it's a pretty good movie. i watched it breathlessly in the cinema. does not regret. --- spoiler --- it seemed ridiculous to me that they pity monday at the end of the movie. the only emotion to be felt towards someone who has made a deal for the death of 6 of his own siblings is hatred. after all, he caused the death of his 4 brothers. unnecessary drama. --- spoilers ---


the entry also contains spoilers from the movie the prestige --- spoiler --- it reminded the brothers of the movie the prestige that the egg brothers act as one person in daily life and cut their fingers in the same way as the brother whose finger was cut off for this cause. --- spoilers ---


you'd be loved even if it was a brother, monday, we registered it with the film.


i can't understand why it is approached with the attitude of hitting the abalı, it is the most beautiful movie i have watched recently. there are some logic errors and cheezy parts, but not in which movie allaseversen.