website accessible to all mobile phones

website accessible to all mobile phones

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if, as mentioned before, the database was pulled from the nation's guides by malicious applications and it shows how it is registered in the directory, i will thump. i never save the person i don't like, i directly delete the one i see the trapezoid from my directory, but there are some things that i have to search for. among them, i have recorded with names such as maniac, microbe, the head of the idiot. good luck to me. i didn't load some bullshit on the phone out of boredom.


a site that went on a partridge hunt. there are still people who enter and call their number. then they cry because of messages from erotic sites.


site without a bi number. i typed 10 numbers and couldn't find any of them. edit: i wrote my own name and surname. bi found my number mk. that's also a fixed number... no mobile.


this kind of free anonymous sms sending events originated in 2003-2004. but this is your whole fucking private life. you can find the phone of the person you want. all the tc's have been distributed, however, open addresses have been distributed... now the phones registered in your name... what will we see in this country...


(see: facebook) after purchasing the whatsapp application, how many phones installed on whatsapp can reach all the contacts in the world... just one of the reasons to pay 19 billion dollars for whatsapp, which does not even receive advertisements and does not have any income in sight... my more than 1300 people are registered in my directory, 99% of them are registered with their name and surname, you can think of the rest...


masallah according to the 20th article of the constitution; "everyone has the right to demand respect for his private and family life. the privacy of his private and family life is inviolable." we are like a walking cheese ship with words. if the state is not managed by people who know statesmanship, but is governed by the logic of the municipality, with friends and relatives, many more will come to us.


guess it's not a hey, it's better, if anyone says this, drop the link, let's look at sözlük


(see: there are still animals among you that do not link)