we will get back to you

we will get back to you

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polite way of saying we will never call you


there are people who say this sentence when they say that the date called for the job interview is not suitable by the called candidate, and they never return. why do you say we'll come back then, you idiot? should i wait like a ready soldier at any time, in case someone calls me for an interview and i go? i'm unemployed, i should have rushed to the afternoon meeting you called at noon, right? what kind of head do you have? i'm disgusted by the way you see the world as yourself and your comfort in lying.


only call center employees take this statement seriously. when i say 'i'm working, i'm busy' they say 'ok, we'll get back to you in such and such an hour' and they really call.


interestingly, it is a movie that i started because it was an abidik gubidik movie, but i finished it as fun and enjoyable. it's not a very good movie, but it enters the list of movies that kill time in spare time.


the beginning, the middle and the last 20 minutes of the movie is just as entertaining as the end. it was nice to see Çağlar ertuğrul in a different role.


http://suguzelortamibozuzun.blogcu.com/…10737496 (bkz: my life will end by loving you)


if we leave aside the grinning acting that is a lesson in fiction, it is a nature can anafarta movie that slaps stereotypical youth films. the colors, the way the story was handled, and the clever little jokes made me finish the movie with satisfaction. thank you amongst all these wallet thief the movies, we'll get back to you.


seeing the poster out of the corner of my eye on the road at noon is what i think is the slogan of the doner kebab shop.