ways to meet girls

ways to meet girls

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go up to the girl, "what time is it?" ask. after the girl tells the time, say "we're dating from now on".


if you make such eyebrows and smile at the people in the country, the girl will say, "there is a pervert!" it's the way he'll shout. go give it a try and i'll see you. other than that, i smile at the 70-year-old grandmother who smiles at me, but that doesn't mean any dislike. finally (see: focus on smile)


everyone gave serious tactics. if you have a type like a horse thief, don't ever get into those balls, even if you hold a dragon with your ass, it won't work. but if you are a handsome man, it will work even if you say nettin bremin for tea, sad but true.


come out like that.. say how rainy the weather is today. if there is no answer, say that it will snow in 1 hour. if there is no click again, say that an avalanche may also fall. you will meet for sure.


if you want to get close to a girl swimming in the sea, buy a cigarette and go near the girl, submerge in the water up to your neck and say to the girl there - sorry, do you have a fever... it is the most reliable method of meeting and an indicator of cuteness


go to the girl. after saying hello aleyküm, can i sit after you kirvem. if the girl says sit, say you want to meet, if she says don't sit, say you want to meet standing.


you go to the girl and ask if you have a date. if the answer is no; -there are now.! (tapping hard on the table) if the answer is yes; -no more.! (hit the table hard)


(bkz: have you met ted?)

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