ways to find love

ways to find love

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the most valuable article is "do not wander around under oath to find a lover, otherwise you will find only trouble" is a line of advice*. (see #547857)


in this era, especially in the country, it is the best method to trust your money and your car. most people know this and act accordingly, even if you don't find them, they will find you, don't worry. of course, this applies to men. either you're scruffy, you lack self-confidence, you don't want a relationship, or you're a perfectionist or something. when there are so many drooling cucumbers around, who are curious to walk around as my love, it's hard, friend...


are time-varying methods. do you want to find a lover right now? - start a rock band. damn, the name doesn't matter. but the weirdest name you can find will earn you a bonus. eg: scalpel, surgery, goddamn names. - after forming the band, either use the bass guitar or be a vocalist. these are very popular. you have a girlfriend now.


marbling, wood painting or jewelry design courses are not suitable places to find a lover. i know from there that my old roommate tried it. think big, make a difference. indeed, the beloved is not something found, but something created. don't search, select, uncover and create.


these vary depending on the meaning you attach to the word "beloved". the meaning we know is, all that has to be done is to love.




hang out at film festivals.


being "good" works. tantamount to being good. they ask your lover - are you in love with him? (good guy talks about you) - no, i'm not in love. but there is love between us. that is, he is a "good person" note: people also love the ornamental dog they keep at home. so why are they still together? well i didn't understand. anyone who knows please tell me. (bkz: don't you have a dash)