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clay should be done beforehand. clay removes the stains on the paint surface that cannot be washed off and makes the paint smooth like baby skin, then the paste process should be started. otherwise, those stains will dance on the surface with the cake.


it is a process that extends the life of the paint and also performs a protective task. it removes shallow scratches, but it can't do anything about stains caused by bird droppings.


process that i enjoy doing. his contribution to the car is incredible. applying when entering and leaving the summer extends the paint life of your car. beautifies your image.


the practice, which is usually done by people who sell their vehicles, will thus make the product look more jangenous to the buyer and pull the prey towards the trap. though i'm not a paint obsessed guy, as long as there is nothing wrong with the front of the car and the engine, otherwise i'll even get into the tin can.


when the car washers asked for 300 400 tl, i went and bought the paste and polished it myself. but seriously, i'm dead. i'm in a state of my waist right now. there is no more in my arms. hard work, my dear.


an application that can make a 10-year-old vehicle brand new when done properly. i don't know about united the detailers that i found as a result of my long research. you can get an idea from.


god does not need it. let me love the eye of the ceramic coating.


its rough floors are like a slippery upper identity that tends to make it carefree.

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