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site where non-vip members can't take advantage of a heck. whatever you click is deleted. i tried you and wasn't satisfied that i bought a vip membership. i don't understand how coyotes like this do business as long as the demonoid is alive.


it is a site that has not been entered for two days.


it is the site residing at http://depodepo.fr/. it pairs well with rapidshare premium. there are a lot of files, from dubbed dvd-rips to br-rips. the series section is quite large. if you become a vip member, you can download files directly from their servers in one piece without paying rapidshare. there is also a rip group called oped. i forgot to mention that members are accepted by invitation.


it's the mess of forums that bothers me the most. i, who is already against http, find vip to be stupid. as an hd lover, what should i do if i can't find the rip of the band i want? http kills the spirit of sharing.


it is the site of a lousy rip "oped" group, which is not ashamed to put their own advertisements on their rips as they have recently spoiled themselves and made poor quality brrips. i don't understand why you're burying text on my stump as if they were shooting their own movies. just so i don't see that article, i shoot very dad movies from other sites and watch them like dads. if he goes with this head, the end is not very bright, let me tell you.


reopened the subscription for two days.


a site where managers sell memberships as vip memberships and do not treat those who become members as vip. supposedly, there are promises to add movies that vip members want, but you cannot request movies from the managers, you may ask them to please. in addition, there are incredible constructive solutions for the technical problems you are experiencing, you will experience an enlightenment when you hear these answers. i think there is no other management team in the world who can solve all the existing problems when they say "you are the problem".


"hello *******, we missed you on the depodepo.fr forums too. hello this is our last e-mail to you. you will not receive any more e-mails from now on, your membership will be deleted." the site sent an e-mail saying, at first, we missed you kindly, and right after that, we would squeeze your foot into your heel. strange.