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it is a kind of warehouse close to the customs buildings, where the goods subject to customs duty but whose taxes and duties have not yet been paid are protected, and small complementary transactions are made if necessary.


these are the places where the goods subject to customs duty or only customs control are allowed to wait for entry, transit or transfer into the country and certain transactions are allowed during this waiting period. entry to the warehouse does not cover a tax liability; there is also an obligation to preserve the shape and quality of the goods when they enter the warehouse. due to these features, the warehouse is considered a non-customs zone or a limited free place. warehouses, which are the means and place of application of a certain customs regime, are kept open to all incoming goods.


on the way to mimar sinan university (kabataş), there was one on the beach side, an empty building that was used as a warehouse. it was one of the venues where the biennial took place 5-6 years ago. i don't know what is the situation now.


while importing or exporting, the place where the goods are kept in order not to be damaged until they are processed at the customs, a kind of shelter (see: warehouse)


they are warehouses where the goods are kept under control and rented at a more affordable price instead of waiting at the customs and paying more taxes


english is bonded warehouse. (see: bonded warehouse)


it is a convenience brought for those dealing with trade and companies producing with imported inputs... after the goods are brought to the country, they are put here without paying the customs duty.. that is, the goods here have not been imported yet.. firms import the goods here in batches.


warehouses where the goods coming from foreign countries, which are subject to customs duties and procedures, are temporarily placed without paying the customs duty.

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