war of crime

war of crime

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the war between england and france on the side of the ottoman empire against russia. as a result, the paris agreement was signed. according to this agreement, the ottoman empire was considered a european state and its lands would be under the guarantee of the european states. it is also the war that is the subject of iron maiden's song called the trooper.


it is the war in which the ottomans got the heaviest stake as a result. 5 million british liras were borrowed from the british at 4% interest, and this debt was repaid 100 years later in 1953. of course, as soon as this debt was closed, new and larger debts were opened that separate...


banks owned by the rothschild family were among the institutions borrowed by the ottoman state during the war. in return for these loans taken from these banks, the jews began to settle in the promised land.


during the siege, while our braves themselves were smoking the cigarette, the war we started to smoke in europe by saying "al la baby" to the british whose buscuit ass was frozen in hand, and extending 2 branches of samsun.