waqf bank phone banking

waqf bank phone banking

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the system made me wait exactly 26 minutes and 57 seconds. no, at the end of this period, they did not pick up the phone, so i hung up for fear of cancer. isn't there a complaint center for god's sake.


support line where you can listen to music for days. i guess the customer representatives are weaving handmade carpets with other customers. otherwise, what can be done with a customer for so long?


banking where i'm 51st on the standby. i don't know what they are eating but it would be great if they mind their business...


it has a busy call center. i don't understand how a call center can ring busy. you understand that i'm going to close my credit card, so you don't answer my calls? knock me down vakıfbank.


it is the telephone banking defeat line where the customer representative will never talk to you because they are talking to other customers.


its number is 444 0 724. however, those who do not want to have cancer should not call.


telephone banking where the line is cut every time, even though i made all the dialings until i was connected to the customer representative.


the phone of the institution, which i do not understand where it is trying to reach, by calling 15 times a day (by carefully choosing the most unlikely times). i can't open it stubbornly.