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the man has a super dashed line drawing technique with chalk, they also made the collection video: http://video site/watch?v=raurl4s0pju


the only person in the world who has the right to wear sandals over socks and be stylish. my only physics teacher even though i studied at usta.itü.


friends who want to learn physics should find their lessons and watch them. mit is also available in english, and in tuba, in the. shake aside the academics who forced you to lecture at school. after watching it, it is a different pleasure to swear a good word at the professors in the country. watch and watch, i say myth my son mit :)


he has a segment in his end-of-class lecture on electricity and magnetism where his students storm the classroom and sing walter lewin adapted versions of the beatles' help and eight days a week. walter's eyes fill with tears, thank you very much. hugs his students. then he continues his lecture as if nothing had happened. the world is a man. his ears are a little hard of hearing though.


in his last lecture, he gave clear scientific answers to questions such as why the sky is blue, why the clouds are white, and why the clouds and the sun are redder at sunset. (apart from the lawsuit and his lessons, his illegal actions do not change the quality of his lessons and his teaching. i have not examined it in detail either). see for the last lesson.


that i fell victim to the coulomb saying.