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it's less visible now because of the barry allen fetish of old uncles in dc. get it fixed right away, fuck it.


the character who has turned black in dc comics' final fuck. http://www.comicvine.com/…ew-52-wally-west-1552940/ i guess they won't be comfortable without sticking the characters up their ass.


--- spoiler --- his comeback was amazing. --- spoiler --- but still not a barry. barry>wally


"wally is quite possibly the fastest of all the flashes, arguably even the fastest being that has ever existed" - wikipedia i hope they don't lie about that character.


--- contains young justice spoilers --- while most people's favorite superhero is not officially fucked by dc. there is none in the new 52 series, they killed my weirdo in the young justice cartoon. lol we love you as the fastest flash, funniest hero wal


let dc eat this man's cock. they added wally west's personality to the boring and monotonous barry allen character. the flash and green lantern dialogues in the second issue of justice league are just like the nightwing and wally west dialogue. likewise, going balls with superman or something like that again. finally i'm going to go head to geoff faggot.


seems to have gone silver in the new dc universe. he's been treated like a stepchild since barry allen came back, it seems like he's been thrown into limbo with the reboot. i didn't mean it when i said enough geoff, well, we said hit it, killed the man.


he is the nephew of barry allen's wife, the second flash of dc comics. it would not be wrong to say that he is the most cheerful character of dc comics.

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