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rousing piece composed by ludwig göransson for black panther. listening to “wakanda forever!” i'll definitely give my greetings by shouting.


i've never seen another made-up story like this one. why does the country having vibranium put them ahead of everyone else in technology? is everyone born with an iq 1000? already closed to the world. where do they find other tools for technology? they don't export vibranium anyway, so what is the income gate of these ipnetors? are they selling wood and buying silicon screens, chips? or do they produce it themselves? what will they produce with? with animal skin? the place that makes you say fuck off.


some kind of framework. it has a gui design tool, server-side code, client-side code to write, and also has a built-in database within itself. 8 is the latest version. [http://www.wakanda.org/ http://www.wakanda.org/]


country located in africa in the marvel universe. it is the only place where the unknown mineral called vibranium is found. thanks to this mine, they became very rich, and with the money they earned, they became a nation that developed themselves and invented the most advanced technological gadgets in the world, instead of hanging out with girls. managed by black panther, member of the avengers.


(see on time)


it may appear as a series on disney+ soon.


technology is domestic and national.


application development platform available at

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