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when the lights of the pedestrian crossing between the entrance of the karşıka bazaar and the ferry port turned red, she used to say this a long time ago, with a very metallic female voice due to the technology of the time. eat broad beans, i won't eat broad beans" he broke the oparlo for sure, he didn't say because after a while..


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the digital discourse heard from apollos that we see next to some traffic lights and that works in cooperation with the signaling system for the visually impaired. stop where are you going, be a man, it means we'll let you know when it's green. for the opposite, please review the title.


the voice at the traffic light reads with its own rhythm, chanting: - please wait.. - please wait.. (...) - now you can be a fag bend forward*, wait for your crime to be reported." (see: wait), wait (see: pass/@lazylittleprince)

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