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according to nihat genç, he has a legendary aunt. one day, a bride comes to this aunt's house. but the bride is washing by heating water every morning. he still gets offended by it, occasionally throwing back glances. one day the bride will be disturbed by this negative electricity. to warm things up, he says to hala; - aunt, do you want to take a bath too? still; - no thanks girl, nobody fucked me last night.


the black sea's greatest agnostic. "there is no use in this world, the other is doubtful"


uttering words that will cause the journalist to bruise. "i don't care about the earthquake," he said. if the journalist tries to make the earthquake a tabloid material, he will get such a response. someone said it, so i'll tell you: he takes part in the "we'll go to the van" concert.


the beautiful man who said "in this world races are lies, there are only the rich and the poor".


there are people who still do not know this man, it is useless to say. this man is one of the last people to be a fascist in the country, although i do not agree with some of his views, he is a young man, he knows what he is saying. anyone who criticizes without knowing or understanding what this man is trying to say - but he said so and so - is ignorant. is he being criticized for not going in front of the tabloid journalists and saying that he did not sleep, believe me, i can't sleep, cry and cry? strange. my last word is the mirror of the person.