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volcano item is coming


i want to have a friend like this man, let's go to the easter islands and imitate acun ilıcalı, get on the dudullu bus from Üsküdar and go to the studio and record different songs, i want life to be a feast. o eat.


have the things they said in crossover talks, the desire to complain about everything, to swear at everything, to hate people, i'm sure someone else has them too; that's why i declare volkan element as the spokesperson of those who find everything open and hate people like us.


some try to improve their english, some try to improve their english, here is the quality, here is reis


the name we need to urgently collect 100,000 signatures and nominate candidates in the upcoming elections. election song is also ready. the slogan is also clear: (see: volcano element ö ö) (see: volcano item is coming) (see: volcano item is going)


one of the most entertaining people in the internet world, the ancestor of current phenomena, the grandfather of tiktokers, the master of funny videos, the new ercan watchmaker who is 40 years old and 30. let me also leave a quote that i still remember and laugh and think about at the same time: "people are stupid friends, people are stupid". what a righteous person. it was a guest that got me excited when he came to answer questions for the first time. volcano item, volcano item, volcano item hey hey!


the man has been struggling for years, let him see a little money, i think he did well...


a smart, talented and funny guy that i still can't digest being in the less famous category after all these years.