vladimir ilic lenin

vladimir ilic lenin

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known as vi lenin, the russian revolutionary leader is also known as the sixth lenin by many police officers.


"religion teaches those who work and suffer all their lives to be content with little in this world, to submit to fate, to be patient, and to maintain the hope of a paradise in the next world." vladimir lenin


he had 3 strokes. i would also like to congratulate this person, whose "active life" ended after 3 strokes, for being able to die of syphilis.


vlademir ilich lenin. also known as 6. lenin in the society who is incapable of reading abbreviations...


“as long as capital remains in power, not only land, but only human labor, not only human personality, not only conscience, not only love, not only science, everything, everything will inevitably be bought and sold." “there can be no real freedom in a society dominated by money, in a society where the working people are writhing in poverty and a handful of rich people are parasitic on their backs.” great leader, revolutionary, serving humanity with his determinations.

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