vitamin b12 deficiency

vitamin b12 deficiency

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distraction, inability to form sentences, inability to complete speech, fatigue, irritability, failure, cramps, twitches, etc. (i had these) is the deficiency of the vitamin, which can be the cause of symptoms such as. it fell to 59.. if you feel an extreme jerk that you are not used to, do not be afraid, go immediately. have your 12 checked.


if you suffer from a metabolism-induced b12 deficiency (see hypothyroidism), your body is already unable to absorb the vitamin b12 in the foods you take, and therefore your b12 values are low, so the b12 form taken as a tablet will not have the desired effect. in this case, vitamin b12, which is taken from the buttocks with a needle among the people, will be effective. but of course, if the person says i don't eat meat or green vegetables or anything, then his values will probably return to normal with his tablet and yellow pee.


if it continues for a long time, it is a deficiency that can cause numbness of the hands and feet and depression.


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it is a very normal disease for the people trying to live on minimum wage.