virgo man style revenge types

virgo man style revenge types

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(see: fuck the fuck)


watching from afar with a smile till the conditions are ripe. * *


is to erase all of his identity from the life of the person he loves. especially if he takes revenge on someone he loves very much, he never speaks even if he dies inside.


to be more successful.


virgo man does not take revenge, he directly erases the smallest traces of that person from his life and memory, destroys him, leaves no crumbs.
but there is no horoscope more annoying than virgo, as you approach the inevitable end, you choose words to hurt him, he has already written the finale and put his mail in while you are trying, he is laughing under the mustache...


first of all, i know myself.

if the other party ends the relationship, the schizophrenia inside will come out. i say to my enemy. let me tell you, you know, it hangs like this for a long time. you're 1 year, i'll say 5 years.


talk forever.. to tell, to tell, to tell.. he consumes it by talking.