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she is one of the two women with the most beautiful eyes in the world. for the other (see: marion cotillard)


she is the marion cotillard of the country in my eyes, they are both very beautiful and just as talented.


in my opinion, she is the most beautiful woman in the country and also a successful actress.


it's not appreciated enough in my opinion. she is in the first place among the most elegant and nice women of the country.


lost and gone, she is one of the country's most talented actresses. o başak rootrock, hear our voice and come out from where you are!


he's definitely an underrated player. deut evgar gained the popularity it deserves (i can even say it got close to the point of boredom, although i don't want to admit it to myself), but başak kırmızıkaya still couldn't find the right project. the art films he plays are sure to satisfy him, and he should; but i think he should make his name known as soon as possible and make his name appear in much better and popular works at the same time. because he is such a fun actor to watch. not easily found.


he is a very humble person. an anecdote of my brother's work with him at the cafe where he works on weekends is an example of this. sister person to her colleague with the same name 'can you draw that table, başak lady?' he is sweet enough to stand up and help to pull the table.


she has another beauty. i watch any movie she plays just for her own sake. i passed her movies and seeing her photo is enough for me to be stupid. i'll be the belt on your waist, the buckle in your hair, i'm not ashamed at all!