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although i appreciate his ability/style to combine graphic design trends with fashion design, he is the designer whose new generation luxury perception i find 'vulgar'. i'm not biased, but i'm in favor of new trends in design being born from the street, not forced by cheap musicians. however, all this does not change the fact that what he did with visual design opened a different door in fashion.


wow friend, an artist who makes people say 'this is art too'. it was announced that he would shake hands with lv and produce designs for supreme


you're interesting. about nobody wrote anything. description: creator of off-white.


he was the designer of louis vuitton.…-vuitton-virgil-abloh.html


we wrote about him 20 days ago, he became the designer of lv. give me a recommendation. description: designersal from lv.


stylist and designer from kanye west's sidekick to head of louis vuitton's men's division. such a career advancement has never been seen.


he is the owner of the brand that the black people who are protesting in america right now go out of their ass to buy. but he donated $ 50 ahahaha. who knows if you have a black power lesson in environments. as long as your brand you write the fuck on it sells, black rappers market their products. what is 50 dollars, not even an off-white t-shirt money ahahahaha.