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if he had played for the gsw 2 years ago, the cavs the year before, and the gsw again the year before that, he would have had a ring. is there such logic? vince carter left toronto in 2004. exactly 15 years ago. as if the man left the team and became the champion the next year toronto.


it is the most aesthetically pleasing basketball ever to watch, with its movements that seem to be in slow motion even though it is extremely fast, with all its joints purposefully seeing and moving with an aerodynamic structure without looking mechanical like a robot, adding a few details to even the smoothest movement, but doing it in a completely natural way without exaggeration. man.


i am the man who left his mark on today with a 3-pointer that will go down in history. it still makes me happy even at this age, good luck to you. this is the historical basket: video site link: video site/watch?v=yjbzzpkuy38


it's like a ballet dancer fighting the basket.


in 1999, he tried something terrible with the raptors jersey and unfortunately could not do it. video site/watch?v=ueob19bej_g