vilayat-i sitte

vilayat-i sitte

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vilâyat-i sitte. 6 years the expression denoting the six provinces where the armenians live with the berlin treaty... erzurum, van, bitlis, elaziz (harput), diabakır, sivas.


(see: elviye-i selase)


in the 7th article of the annex to the brest-litovsk treaty, "armenian gangs will be disarmed. within 6-8 weeks, the russian military will withdraw from the vilayet-i sitte."


definition representing six provinces as erzurum, van, elazig, diabakir, sivas and bitlis. these provinces passed as armenian lands according to the mondros ceasefire agreement, but were taken back by kazım karabekir on the liberation side faster than light.


provinces mentioned in article 24 of the mondros ceasefire agreement. (bitlis, elazig, diabakir, erzurum, van, sivas)


1- diyarbakir, 2- bitlis, 3- van, 4- sivas, 5- erzurum, 6- elazig


the region that the armenians call western armenia.


with the berlin treaty signed in place of san stefano, the ottoman state undertakes to: "... undertake to make the reforms required by local needs and to guarantee the peace and security of the armenians against the circassians and kurds, and since they will notify the states of the measures to be taken in this regard, these states will observe the implementation of the said measures. “he had accepted the verdict. let's face it, let alone taking precautions, hundreds of thousands of armenians were massacred by the order of the unionist cadres.…orm-yapilmasi-kabul-edildi

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