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the program that amazed me with the latest sponsor block update. you detect and pass the olm ads, thank you, how do you detect the parts of the guys in the video such as "thank you to x who sponsored this video" "don't forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel", how do you pass it ?


modded version of android video site application. no ads, can play videos in background and floating window but download feature is not working. even if you have root access on your phone, i recommend you to install without root.


in order to log in to your video site account in this application, you need to install micro g


swallow that can play in the background. but be careful with the permissions you give, the producer is independent, you can use it for aesthetic purposes for the black theme, like me, if you have a spotify subscription. bonus: contains ad block.


it is one of my favorite apps on my phone. watching the ad-free video site experience for free is one of the best parts of android apks. don't look here, at the rude people who curse those who use this application. let them increase their quality of life with video site premium, we are so happy.


for an open source equivalent (see: newpipe)