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the stone is heavy in its place and took a photo with the theme.…a_foton_7_1-500x634.jpg


inevitably, one sees the banana that was inserted into that weak naive woman from the right diagonal, but i got to know david with his mastery, i knew. let me see some more of the clips where victoria tries to add deep meanings to her bronze make-up face to erase her stupid spice image, then i will think about the middle banana issue and conclude.


a person who lives like he is on the set of a science fiction movie, whether with his make-up, his posture or his poses. don't let his fans get angry, but he's walking around the borders of pretense and repulsiveness.


(bkz: what did you put on your head)


there is no hesitation, no laughing, no naturalness. elegant kefban, who always tries to pose as if she is in a fashion shoot and poses charismatically with her slender mouth as well as david's sympathy. it is taking firm steps forward to become the most repulsive fashion icon in the world.


a woman who hasn't changed for years. they have 4 children, 4, as if someone else gave birth to them and gave them to victoria. this move is appreciated. child in one hand, one hand in pocket, standing in heels.


the woman who can play the role of helena bonham carter in planet of the apes without the expense of makeup...


the person who stated that he has never read a book in his life, i urgently recommend him to go to bbg era's page and get some book titles.