vicks vapodry

vicks vapodry

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it is a good medicine that has the feature of instantly cutting cough and nasal congestion, which should definitely be found in every home medicine cabinet.

the miraculous drug that ends cough and nasal congestion in two hours after taking the first dose.

but two hours after taking , i have trouble keeping my eyes open and my desire to put my head on the keyboard and sleep at work has skyrocketed. i have no trace of my cough and nasal obstruction.

the syrup that i use for cough and sore throat that do not go away after throat and ear inflammation. i started yesterday afternoon, the most obvious effect is crazy sleep shortly after drinking in the evening, if i say i fainted, i had such a sleep until the morning * now i feel like i was drinking alcohol. it has not had a great effect on the cough yet, it seems a little relieved, but i cannot say it stopped. maybe it did not show its full effect yet.

edit: yes it is good for coughing friends:
* cough syrups wouldn't have much effect since mine was a nasty cough from chronic pharyngitis, but it managed to alleviate it. it is recommended. *

it is useful in reducing cough. the taste sucks. as if they made unsold vicks creams into syrup. also use the syrup spoon from the box. if you use a small spoon like me, you will look for a place to put your head like a stunned chicken all day.

the miraculous medicine that is not available in pharmacies without a prescription. i don't know if it is the antihistamine in it, it stopped my allergic asthma cough quickly.


the only problem is that when taken with the allergy medicine, it causes stupidity at the end of the third day, inability to keep my eyes open, and my head is smoky.