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it was the reason why i walked the streets with mint-scented cheesecloth around my throat when i was a kid. the next week he would get better and again in the game, sweat would get cold again and my mother would wrap me in cheesecloth. cheesecloth in throat, bread with tomato paste in hand, coughing brat chasing a ball. i wish i got sick again and my mother would put the cheesecloth around my neck. when did we grow up?


i don't know what to call a placebo anymore, but it is a miraculous mint ointment that is a cure even for my diseases that are not even remotely related to the respiratory system. i didn't think of spreading it on bread when i had diarrhea (see: oha)


it was my childhood nightmare. i would get sick all the time and feel like suffocating at night. my mother used to put it on my chest and wrap me in a 200 kilo sinan wide scarf and then lay me down. that smell that burning...


because of my cough that has been going on for about 3 months, a friend from the workplace said, "rub it under your feet before going to bed at night, put on socks, lie down, there will be no cough in the morning." yesterday, when i was bruised from coughing and gagging, i thought i'd give it a try; result: i still have bruises when coughing, but my feet smell so good. spacious spacious...


my uncle ate the cream of it. he said it refreshed his stomach and intestines. he is still alive, spacious, spacious.


my mother's strongest cough medicine. after i put it on my back, when i put a load of 20 kilos of wool on me and lay it down, the inside of the bed can go up to 980 degrees celsius. which is when i get indecisive. i start to release electrons one by one.


vicks is one of the things that has changed the least since i was a kid. when i was a kid it was sold in a brown glass bottle, now the bottle packaging has changed. in primary school, if i could pretend to be sick and feed my mother to break the school, i would be surrounded by vicks. if they re-release it with a name like the gold edition now, i'm sure i'll go and buy that brown glass bottle for whatever it's worth. this cream takes me so far back.


i rub a little bit of it on my flu-congested nose, something the size of a lentil in the mouth of each nostril. the wind is blowing from my nose to my ass now, so he opened it up, it's such an effective crazy thing.

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