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the pill that i had a hard time swallowing as soon as it stuck to my tongue.*


my biggest friend in the final period..


pain reliever that does not relieve any pain. arveles is sweet.


a pain reliever whose active ingredient is paracetamol. the small amount of caffeine it contains is to reduce the drowsiness given by paracetamol.
a redundant piece of information from the past: with caffeine, you'd have to consume a truck to get close to being considered doping.


even though i drink the second one during the day against headache, it's a drug that doesn't work! my head is breaking :(


pain reliever that i drank as a result of not having apranax at home, which does nothing for menstrual pain.*


it is one of the world pain relievers with paracetamol in it. although the amount of paracetamol in it is the same, if one sounds better than the other, the reason is logically placebo. however, if there is a password and vermidon at home, i would prefer a password. because it is easy to drink. the parol doesn't stick to my palate as it makes its way towards my throat.


it is the name given to the miracle drug that was given to me at the last moment after the negative result of all migraine-sinusitis combinations such as parol, aspirin, paracetamol, and saved me from all problems in 20 minutes with one of them.