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a poetry book that has no other color name other than the colors red, white and blue, which are frequently used in the poems in it. literary historians. (see: freedom, equality, fraternity) (see: french revolution)


the name of the poem that gave its name to cemal süreya's first poetry book. one of the finest love poems ever *


we are on a tram going from laleli towards the world, how come you are touching my heart, but how is it that you can't touch my heart, making love comes into effect once again, this poem is very painful in all land parts, including africa. we missed the tram. we never got on or..


poetry that is beautiful in all land parts, including africa.


üvercinka is a poem like magic. it cannot be explained by "words" that have drawn their boundaries, defined and taken to the sides with thick lines that make it feel like all beautiful poems. i don't know if i can explain it, but sometimes just having someone is enough. i'm not talking about being next to someone, i'm talking about knowing and knowing that they exist. here's üvercinka, it's like when someone's mere existence can make life better. once üvercinka is read, nothing will be the same again.


the poem of cemal süreya, which i will begin with, "how is it that you are touching my heart all of a sudden.."