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an anti-depressant with mirtazapine active ingredient, with the taste of sleeping pills, which i have been using in the evenings for a long time. recently, my mad doctor (it's an adjective phrase here) gave me revoxin for a change. drug spit in my mouth... (bkz: i miss you so much velorin)


a disgraceful drug that i used the 15mg one, it was given by the doctor because i thought a lot before going to sleep, but it had a really shitty effect on me, when i swallowed the first pill, or rather, when i made it melt on my tongue, my mouth was dry, i was delirious all night, then the next day the effect was still on me, all day. i walked around half unconscious with my muscles paralyzed, as a result, the velorin trial went awry for me.