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they are people who, in their own way, have given up their lifestyles and habits of their own accord in order to protect, oppose, and prevent something, without harming anyone in any way.


let it be noted here, if there were no animals left to eat in the world, i would eat vegans and become cannibals instead of just going vegan, i'm so sick of them.


when i say what can i tell you, i will eat doner kebab, there are those of this mob who answer stupidly because i don't eat corpses. i said to you, are you grazing like a cow? it is a group of people who have no respect for others. not to mention that they see themselves as a superior race.


a person who does not eat or use animal products. a true vegan never drinks milk, ice cream, chocolate, honey, eggs, yogurt, cheese, etc. it doesn't eat meat, leg or something; he also does not wear wool, leather, angora, cashmere or anything like that. edit: as of 2015, almost every kind of food (milk, cheese, yoghurt, chocolate, ice cream, etc.) has plant-based substitutes. when i became vegan, i created the impression of eating only grass, i am correcting it at sacmalog's request.

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