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looking at the interaction of ufc fighters with this man, i leave my determination here; this man is acun ilıcalı of the united states of america. both have very strong control over the competitors/fighters. this conviction was reinforced when i saw khabib, who tied mcgregor to a berserk after he knocked out mcgregor on saturday night, and turned into a cat that had spilled milk when he saw veal white in front of him.


i wonder what would have done if conor's team had done the same events. what was he going to do though, the son of a bitch would smile softly. we saw it after the bus incident or something.. now get your crushed conor up your ass too.


he is a jerk... (see: the man is a jerk, riza daddy)


he's a retarded, redneck son of a bitch. still chasing matches in such an environment.


also (see: ufc') president, is a small ex-fighter. edit: efenim dovscu was not bad but wikipedia lied, the man was an aerobics instructor you know, but let's come to the businessman, he is quite good.


let me write a wonderful observation of an author i spoke to recently. "ufc is not an institution, it is a company." when it becomes a company, it naturally calculates profits and this bald is the owner of this company. favors his fighters based on their ratings. filthy bald !


modern era jazz. it heats up and turns millions of dollars in fights, that's different.


baldness stoned by the all-american wrestling front for labeling wwe with the word fake.